Womens Sound Ukraine

Womens Sound is an open platform for women,founded by sound artist,curator,composer and activist Olesia Onykiienko aimed at creating conditions for independent learning with sound, training for sound art professionals and empowering women in modern electronic music and electronic scene, both Ukrainian and global.
The purpose of Womens Sound is to create and maintain a supportive and secure environment for both beginners and experienced electronic musicians in Ukraine.
We are working on creating a field of visibility for women of any professional level, creating information products in the form of podcasts and interviewing the participants of the scene and about them, organizing training and laboratory conditions for working with sound, initiating meetings for the exchange of experience. We attend concerts of electronic music and discos with the participation of women.
Text by Olesia Onykiienko.

Womens Sound also curated and operated a platform under the name WOK Collaborative Pot under that name they organize events, workshops, sound residency and curated a podcast with sets of artists related to the platform Womens Sound.

This a list of Experimental artists related to Womens Sound from Ukraine and other countries around:


Agatalech from Poland
Electronic Experimental and Emotional Music
She is also Painter and Video Artist.

Ana Anastasov

Experimental composer, noise maker, sound designer and eco-artist
In her work, Ana closely collaborates with scientists from various fields.

Bambi Uzi

Bambi Uzi from Lodz
From slower peace beats around 140BPM to jungle-like climates around 160BPM

Burning Woman

Kateryna Kostrova aka Burning Woman based in Kyiv

Being born and raised in an industrial region of Ukraine, Burning Woman was exposed to the gloomy atmosphere of large-scale manufacturing plants and noisy environment of ever-growing construction sites since early childhood. At some point, she learned to love the decadent sight, and especially the sound of her hometown, developing a taste for avant-garde music, experimental electronics, noise, dark ambient, drone, and techno.


H t t p s://aaa

From Poland, Intermedia artist, DJ, music producer, radio host and curator.

She compose music for experimental movies and audio dramas.

She is the curator of experimental music concerts called FORMA.

Promoter of the club series and radio host of polish independent collective radio called Radio Kapital.

Deep drone/Techno/Noise/Ambient


Insomnia taxxi:

vocalist and musician, arranger, songwriter, writes music for films and theater performances, directs music videos.

Ira Lobanok

Ira Lobanok aka Krapka
from Dnipro (Ukraine)
Founder of Sofar Sounds Lviv
Member of Krapka;KOMA Multi-instrumentalist electronic duo based in Lviv
Video game composer

Julie Panch

Techno,Idm, Ebm Dj based in Kyiv

Kinga Kozłowska aka Teenage Lightning

Kinga Kozłowska aka Teenage Lightning
DJ and event organizer on the underground scene of Warsaw
Experimental electronic music production, performance and sound art

Lil Witch Global

Emilia Kurylowicz aka Lil Witch Global
Interdisciplinary artist, music producer, songwriter & DJ, embracing humor and drama. Raised in Łódź, Poland based in Berlin, Germany, sometimes also known as AEMLX
With writer Maru Mushtrieva she performs as R&D, a feminist experimental pop/spoken word duo.

Markosh Kryzhak

Markosh Kryzhak
from Chernivtsi, Ukraine based in Kyiv
She creates sonic narratives and guides her listener through various experiences connected by a general core and she’s also a Graphic designer and Illustrator

Nata Teva

Nata Teva from Kyiv
Real Art & Music organiser
Tribal-Trance, Ambient


Natalia Martynenko
DJ, Radio host and musical activist based in Kyiv


Olesia Onykiienko
electronic music producer, sound artist, theatrical & film composer
Founder and Curator at Womens Sound


Nastia Flür aka Noisynth
Industrial shamanism. Astral dance. Mystical voice.
Experimental techno, Rhythmic Noise, Glitch, Industrial, Coldwave, Idm
Her works were released on UK/Poland label Solemne Records and Ukrainian Система and Corridor Audio.


Daria Veshtak aka Sirakusy from Ukraine
Artist, 3D graphic generalist, designer, composer and music producer

Undo Despot

Undo Despot from Ukraine
dark techno/ambient, chiptune, breakbeat, and noise

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