Musica Dispersa SPECKA Experimental/Electro Madrid 22-4-2016

Musica Dispersa Experimental/Electro
 SPECKA, Madrid 22-4-2016


23:59 # 6:00 @ Musica Dispersa ~ SPECKA

Musica Dispersa vuelve a Madrid con un evento en la mitica sala Specka, una noche de sonidos experimentales y electro de vieja escuela con la actuacion especial por primera vez en Madrid de Andrea Parker.

 00'15 a 01'15 - Suso Flores LIVE
 01'15 a 01'45 - Elpueblodechina LIVE
 01'45 a 02'15 - Ooteca LIVE
 02'15 a 04'30 - Andrea Parker DJ
 + Visuals by Paisajes Invisibles
 04'30 a 06'00 - Ideograma DJ
 + Visuals by A-71

noticia en clubbingspain

ANDREA PARKER (Touchin’Bass, Aperture) London
Andrea Parker was born in Pembury, Kent. Despite having a background in cello playing, Parker was heavily influenced by electronic pioneers
She formed the group Inky Blacknuss with producers Alex Knight and Ian Tregoning in 1993 for Andrew Weatherall’s Sabrettes label, before signing to hip hop label Mo’ Wax for her solo output, releasing her debut album Kiss My Arp (a reference to the vintage ARP synthesisers) in 1999. Electronic music producer David Morley was an important part of her musical output as co-writer.

In 2002 Parker formed the Touchin’ Bass imprint after splitting from Mo’ Wax. With her long-time production partner David Morley, her output became rooted in a darker, less organic sound than her work with Mo’ Wax. Her output referenced classic electro music from the 1980s, relying heavily on the use of drum machines such as the Roland TR-808, as well as electro’s Miami Bass connection by collaborating with DJ Assault and DJ Godfather on her Freaky Bitches 12″.

As DJ classic Electro sounds, TR808, Heavy Bass, Experimental, Idm, Old-school


Uno de los secretos mejor guardados de Madrid. Flavio utiliza los alias Dj F e Ideograma cuando produce. Con el primer nickname ha publicado en sellos madrileños como Chaval Records o Titan’s Halo. En 2014 publica de esta guisa su álbum 1974 en A Harmless Deed, sello que comparten Damián Schwartz y Kasper. Como Ideograma ha publicado varias veces en el sello también madrileño, Semantica.
Tambien usa el aka Acid Future Overdose para sonidos experimentales y es bien conocido por trabajar en las mas conocidas tiendas de discos de Madrid y en la actualidad copropietario de Palma,39.

elpueblodechina a.k.a. Alejandra Perez Nunez is a sound artist and performer working with FLOSS tools, DIY electronics and critical writing. She has a degree in psychology and aesthetics from Universidad Catolica de Chile and a M.A. in media design from Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.







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