REVIEW Musica Dispersa 07 Experimental Transoceanic

  Power Lunches,London 4/9/15

 MD 07

 flyer by Istishhad Hheva

– Furchick (Australia)
Furchick is an Australian ex-pat of New York and New Zealand who currently resides in Perth. Confused? So is she. Claire worked on sound design for Jukstapoz, a contemporary dance company based in Athens, Greece for premier in February 2014. She usually performs solo with an experimental live sound at the crossover between art and science.
Other recent significant achievements have included Audacious Festival in Christchurch, a sound installation at Tilde festival in Melbourne, The Mart contemporary art museum in northern Italy, performing at Sound Summit in Newcastle, Australia, and at the International Noise Conference in Sydney and Melbourne. She used to play in bands – Brown, Sexy Band (with Chris Cobilis), Air Traffic Controllers (with Gerard Cosloy), various jam bands with famous New Yorkers including members of Gang Gang Dance, C.U.N.T. (Claire’s UnNatural Twin), Froithead, K Tel Dancers and Katerpillar Tractor Concept.

– Stanier Black-Five (New Zealand)
Stanier Black-Five is a sound artist and writer based in Christchurch, New Zealand, who for the last two decades has been actively involved with experimental music and sound art in the UK, Europe and New Zealand.
Her audio work is largely based on the manipulation of her own environmental recordings, as well as found sounds, which she uses to create dense soundscapes that use sources such as mesmerising aircraft drones to the pounding rhythms of trains and more recently the sounds of the earthquakes that have shaken her city.
Also a respected wine writer – see – her interest in sound and taste has converged in a number of multi-sensory projects.

– Hysteresis (UK)
Charlotte CHW & Jason Williams, Static / kinetic abstract formations. Body-object relations. Tableau Vivant noise. Auto – destruction. Awkward interactions. Displacement.

– Luca Nasciuti (UK)
Luca Nasciuti is a composer, curator and artist based in Glasgow and London. He trained in electroacoustic music composition, classical music performance, visual and performing arts. He received a MMus in Studio Composition from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a BA (Hons) in Music with Performing Arts from University of East London.
He performs, exhibits, and broadcasts internationally, and most recently at Jerwood Space, London (UK), Royal Festival Hall, London (UK), Sonic Arts Waterford (IE), Villa Romana, Florence (IT), and Deutsche Bank Kunstalle, Berlin (DE).
His work spans installation, video, and performance. It focuses on acoustic and electronic sound and the interplay of sonic and visual practices within site-specific contexts.

– Tasos Stamou (Greece/UK)
Tasos Stamou is an electroacoustic music composer, an improvised music performer, a music technologist and a tutor, currently based in London.
During the past few years he has been exploring and utilizing several different mediums of original sonic creation into various recordings and performances; arrangements with self-modified electronics (circuit bending) and found objects, electronic music equipment (modular synthesizers & computer applications), acoustic instruments (prepared zither, reeds, whistles, vocals, etc) and video synthesizers. Mostly as a free improvised multi-instrumentalist performer Stamou has presented live sets in solo projects and in collaboration with other experimentalists and improvisers.

– Suso Flores (Spain/UK)
Suso Flores presents circuit bending toys.

– Fer Xplosion DJ (Spain)
Fer Xplosion is our DJ for the night, a very eclectic dj wich mix a variety of styles from space disco to electro through techno,house or acid, he is a promoter and a resident dj in Madrid,Spain.

– Neofung

– Tears-Of

Suso Flores:



Tasos Stamou:

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Fer Xplosion:

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